Transcription, Prices + Offer. Transcription of audio and video recordings – Polish and English. Audio and video recordings, general topics, market surveys, meetings. Producing minutes / minute taking / texts in shorthand. Transcription of musical notes from hearing. Price discounts. Other services… Subtitles, film dialogue lists with timecodes. Speech recognition and decoding – Polish and […]

Job offers for software engineers If you are interested in working for, please send us your CV. We will contact the selected candidates. Customer Service Office Manager position Software Engineer position (low requirements) Software Engineer position (medium requirements) Customer Service Office Manager position. For a woman or a man. Requirements: Positive blind typing test […]

Job offers at Customer Service Office Manager position A work-at-home job, Keyboard Master position Customer Service Office Manager position. Basic requirements: Persons applying for the Customer Service Office Manager position are asked to put the name of the position at the beginning of the form below: “Motivation to transcribe, why do you want to […]

Transcription and conversion film dialogues. offers an online converter – subtitle time code calculator. Time code calculator will transcribe and convert film subtitles to a format compatible with YouTube, DVD players and software players. Conversion of subtitles upon request Write to use if you need to convert subtitles to a format other than the […]

Conversion of subtitles. Movie subtitle converter. Automatic speech recognition, creation and edition of film subtitles Przepisywanie pl recommends speech recognition on skrybot with creation and edition of film subtitles online. After the subtitles are transcribed and corrected, it is possible to download them in different text formats and in a subtitle file with time codes. […]

Transcription of recordings: film subtitles / dialogue lists. We offer: Making of film subtitles with time codes in any format. Automatic creation of subtitles for audio and video recordings with online editing skrybot tv. Conversion of subtitle time codes to different formats. Time code calculation. Making of film subtitles with time codes in any format. […]

Examples of transcription of musical notes by ear: An example of a transcription of musical notes for registration in ZAIKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers). The service of transcribing musical notes by ear which is offered by us has many uses and applications. One of them is getting a score in a form fulfilling […]

We offer transcription of manuscripts, documents, books, papers and other materials. offers a wide range of services linked to transcription of text. We are able to convert any type of manuscript or printout into a digital form. This enables our clients to save their precious time and to get text in an easy to […]

Transcription of recordings, debates and sessions in a form of a stenographic record – our standards: We ask you to examine the samples below before ordering transcription in order to determine the desired quality of work. Our transcriptions in a large majority convey the content of the recordings accurately. STANDARD transcriptions of recordings Accuracy in […]