Conversion of subtitles. Movie subtitle converter.

Automatic speech recognition, creation and edition of film subtitles

Przepisywanie pl recommends speech recognition on skrybot with creation and edition of film subtitles online. After the subtitles are transcribed and corrected, it is possible to download them in different text formats and in a subtitle file with time codes.

Transcription and conversion of film subtitles

Use an online subtitle converter at – calculate the time codes of film subtitles.
Time code calculator will transcribe and convert film subtitles to a format compatible with YouTube, DVD players and software players.

Converting subtitles on demand

Write to us if you need to convert subtitles to a format other than the ones mentioned below.
Please report an error in the conversion process if it occurs.

The frame rate choose only if you want to export / import frame formatsand not a time formats. Frames per seconds FPS
aby konwertować tylko SkryBot XML <-> ALIGN
3. Przesuń napisy (jeśli niepotrzebne pomiń ten punkt)
Przeliczanie czasu na milisekundy do przesunięć:

Instructions for converting subtitles:

How to convert subtitles.
Step by step:

  1. Open the subtitles file.
  2. Click on: “paste subtitles” above – a window where subtitles should be pasted will appear.
  3. You can optionally specify a text file by send a file with subtitles. Remember converter retains the coding: if the input is UTF-8 you get the output UTF-8 if it is ANSI > ANSI. You can change Encoding with Word or Notepad ++.
  4. Copy the content of your subtitles, that is: from your open subtitles file with source subtitles (the ones which you want to convert).
  5. Select all: Ctrl+A, copy: Ctrl+C, then paste them into the window above: Ctrl+V,
  6. The converter will automatically recognize the format of the pasted subtitles. At the moment it is able to recognize the following formats of subtitles:
    • subViewer – a format compatible with YouTube
    • SubRip – subtitles in this format can be saved in YouTube
    • GG:MM:SS,000 shows hours minutes seconds milliseconds
    • GG:MM:SS,DM shows hours minutes seconds decimilliseconds

      The seconds can be followed by: a coma, a full stop, a colon

    • mDVD – one of the most popular formats of subtitles, it is a frame-based format {12}{116}
    • MPL2 – a time-based subtitles format ([000] [022]), commonly used in stationary players
    • TMPlayer – a time-based format 00.00.00, commonly used in stationary players
    • SAMI – a format used in Windows Media Player
    • SkryBot XML or SkryBot ALIGN two formats compatible with stand alone speech recognition and skrybot .tv online & server tv speech recognition.
  7. Choose the format of the exported subtitles, that is the format in which you want to save them, from the drop-down list box.
  8. Click on: “Convert subtitles”.
  9. A file with subtitles in the desired format will be generated.
  10. If you check the box to convert the subtitles SKRYBOT XML to ALIGN, ALIGN to XML. Converter recognizes pasted subtitles XML or ALIGN and convert analogous ALIGN or XML.

Visit us soon and convert subtitles.

If you want to convert a different format or to a different subtitle format than those listed on this page. Call or write to us. We will add this feature.