We offer transcription of manuscripts, documents, books, papers and other materials.

Przepisywanie.pl offers a wide range of services linked to transcription of text. We are able to convert any type of manuscript or printout into a digital form. This enables our clients to save their precious time and to get text in an easy to read and use final form and makes it possible to manage space in an optimal way. Our service also makes it possible to quickly update and enhance databases and to give faded archives inventories or bad quality photocopies in a new, more modern and handy form.

We transcribe professionally, among others,:

  • text for diploma papers.
  • books to digital form.
  • all sorts of printouts.
  • manuscripts.
  • text of archives.
  • database data.

Example of a transcription of a manuscript page:

As you can see from the example above, the end product of the text transcription is of a very high quality.

Order our text transcription service today. We guarantee high quality and affordable prices! Order out text transcription service today!

Transcription of text.