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    Job offers at Przepisywanie.pl

    Customer Service Office Manager position. Basic requirements:

    • Persons applying for the Customer Service Office Manager position are asked to put the name of the position at the beginning of the form below: “Motivation to transcribe, why do you want to do it?:”
    • Registration for the Keyboard Master position and the recruitment process.
    • Positive blind typing test result – more than 250 characters per minute (99% Keyboard Master II test accuracy exceeding 99%).
    • Communicative level of English.
    • Proficiency in using computers and software provided by us (following training), operation of office equipment including printers, scanners, copying machines, etc., aptitude for learning new tasks quickly.
    • Good communication skills (in face-to-face communication and on the phone).
    • Ability to manage time at work.
    • Secondary education degree (minimum requirement).

    At the beginning the basic rate is equivalent to 11 PLN net/hour, it is possible to earn up to 30 PLN net/hour extra during working hours. The basic rate can grow depending on work performance.

    Work location: 00-405 Warsaw Powiśle, 3a/25 Ludna Str.

    Apply at: przepisywanie@gmail.com , It is possible to take the transcription test at our office or online at: Przepisywanie pl

    A stay-at-home job at Przepisywanie.pl
    (Position: “Keyboard Master”):

    The candidates interested in working for Przepisywanie.pl are asked to fill in the recruitment form below.

    • A stay-at-home job, position: Keyboard Master.
    • Fill in the recruitment form in order to register.
    • Take the transcription speed test.
    A candidate to work at Przepisywanie.pl should be equipped with the following:
    • A computer with a sound card.
    • Comfortable headphones (open or closed around-ear headphones).
    • A broadband internet connection.
    • A workplace suited for work requiring concentration and acoustic privacy.
    • Word Office Editor.
    • We provide software supporting transcription for free.
    Required candidate skills for jobs at Przepisywanie.pl :
    • Character traits suitable for teleworking.
    • Basic ability to use the Windows system (software installation) and text editors such as Word and Excel on a basic level.
    • Experience in transcription of text and recordings.
    If you satisfy the above-mentioned KEYBOARD MASTER position requirements, you can start working for przepisywanie by filling in the Przepisywanie.pl recruitment form. Once you have filled in the form correctly, you will receive an e-mail with further information. Przepisywanie.pl recruitment form:
    Transcription speed test:

    Your previous transcription experience: [
    Ability to transcribe in the following languages, choose from:
    Additional skills: [
    Motivation to transcribe, why do you want to do it? [
    [you will receive an e-mail with data necessary to log in to Przepisywanie.pl]