Client account activation in Before the full activation of the account the client may upload files to przepisywanie by means of a special form (encrypted connection). The account will be fully activated after the client gets in contact with via telephone or email. Arter the full activation of the account, the client is […]

Online file converter: AMR to MP3 and WAV Convert your audio files for free from the AMR format to MP3 or WAV using the online converter below. Simply select your AMR file, choose the format you want it saved in, provide your e-mail and click on ‘convert’. After conversion to AMR, download the MP3 or […]

Transcription and translation. Transcription of recordings in languages other than Polish We offer transcription of recordings in English. The price of transcribing 1 page (1500 characters) in English is 21 PLN. Translation prices. We provide the price for a standard page (standard and specialist translation: 1 standard page = 1500 characters, certified translation: 1 standard […]

Transcription of text, we offer: Transcription of text for diploma papers. Transcription of books – to digital form. Transcription of all sorts of printouts. Transcription of manuscripts. Transcription of text of archives. Entering data into databases. guarantees that by thanks to its text transcription services, the clients will be able to save a lot […]

Transcription of musical notes for ZAIKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers), of scores, melodies and functions. offers a wide range of services linked with transcription of musical notes. Transcription of musical notes is a service guaranteeing a final product which has many applications and uses addressed to adepts of music, to professionals, but […]

Noise reduction, digital audio editing, audio mastering. For the purposes of recordings of general type and those from courts: we edit sound from recordings of poor quality to make them more clear for the people transcribing. We offer, among others, the following audio enhancing services: Audio noise reduction, Audio normalisation, Enhancing speech audibility in audio […] – recordings transcription management system. products for the Judiciary: Przepisywanie pl SERVER – Transcription of Recordings Automation (compatible with the E-Minutes System (E-Protokół system) DykTak – Specialist software for transcribers which makes work easier and significantly speeds up the transcription process! Training sessions for teams of transcribers and minute takers. Basic system functions […]

Transcription of recordings for the purposes of court cases. Recordings of court cases, Police reports, Transcription of recordings for evidence collecting purposes. Witness testimonies, Telephone conversations, Recordings made in secret, Police eavesdropping, Creation of subtitles for recordings which can be displayed on a computer screen or on TV. We provide transcriptions at request – from […]

Transcription of recordings and text + low prices! Best quality! Transcription of recordings has never been so affordable! Automatic transcription using speech recognition: 0.50 PLN net per minute of a recording. Order automatic conversion of speech to text and then you can choose to make an additional payment in case you need 100% accuracy. Transcription […]