Transcription, Prices + Offer.

The cost of transcription of audio and video recordings: ^go up^

Automatic transcription using speech recognition:

0.5 PLN net per minute of a recording. Order automatic conversion and then make an additional payment in case you need a 1:1 transcription.

Transcription of recordings (manual): of interviews, lectures market and opinion surveys, of borough council meetings, debates, assemblies, conferences, meetings:

From 3 PLN to 12 PLN per page. Standardised page – 1000 characters including spaces.

  • Polish: From 0.25 PLN to 12 PLN net. Contact us in order to price your request. Telephone: 790 013 206, e-mail:
    Transcription prices differ according to the time needed to make the transcription ready:
    • BEST PRICE: 3 PLN for 1000 characters within 4 -7 days from the moment of receiving of the file and/or big quantities of recordings – more than 20 hours per month.
    • Affordable: 4 PLN for 1000 characters: transcription of recordings with a delay exceeding 48 hours.
    • Fast: 6 PLN for 1000 characters: guaranteed time of transcription delivery – within 48 hours.
    • Express: 12 PLN for 1000 characters: guaranteed time of transcription delivery – within 24 hours.
      If an order is carried out in less time than previously estimated the price will not change.
  • English: 15 PLN net.
  • Low prices for transcription can be negotiated individually.
  • Transcription prices in case of recordings for the purposes of court proceedings are priced separately.
  • Individual transcription prices depend on:
    • the quality of recordings,
    • the desired translation deadline,
    • the desired transcription accuracy.
  • In case of transcription of audio/video recordings concerning specialist topics, the price of transcription of medical, technical, legal and business recordings may be different from the prices of transcription in case of recordings covering general topics.

Transcription of audio and video recordings, market surveys, meetings, sessions. ^go up^

  • Transcription of market surveys, interviews, meetings, conferences, audits, council meetings, committee meetings, court hearings (arbitration courts, general courts, criminal courts, consumer courts, other). Transcription of recordings from call centers, eavesdropping recordings, mobile phone recordings.

Producing minutes / minute taking / texts in shorthand. ^go up^

  • Producing minutes/ taking conference/meeting minutes or producing texts in shorthand in the form of minutes at the customer premises.
    We offer taking minutes on request, please inquire us about. the possibility of taking minutes at 1-2 weeks notice.

Transcription of musical notes from hearing. ^go up^

  • Transcription of musical notes and creation of musical arrangements is subject to individual pricing after defining the scope of work.

Price discounts at ^go up^

  • Long-term cooperation guarantees attractive prices of our transcription services.

Other services offered by ^go up^

Creating subtitles.

  • Film subtitles with timecodes. We create them manually and in an automatic way for TV purposes, we create dialogue lists for DIVX, DVD, XVID, VOB and others.
  • Keyword indexing in recordings supported by speech recognition and decoding.
  • Services aimed at TV, radio, news broadcasts, multimedia libraries, media monitoring (searching for broadcasts, shows, a specific moment within a recording by means of words from the recording), monitoring of telephone, bank, call center recordings. The search engines are built on the basis of SkryBot – speech recognition software.

Multimedia indexing

  • Editing and mastering of single-channel, dual-channel and multi-channel recordings:
    Noise reduction, conversion, copying and mastering services are priced individually. Noise reduction/removing noise/sound cleaning.
  • Pricing on the basis of samples provided by the client. Uploading files to – link.

Transcription of text: diploma papers, books, typescripts, manuscripts.

Copying and converting audio recordings:

  • Copying of analog tape (audio and VHS cassettes) to a digital information carrier and the other way around from a digital information carrier. to an analog format: 60 – 100 PLN for every commenced hour of material. If you order transcription/minutes of the text from the recording, copying is FREE OF CHARGE. ^go up^

NET prices are provided, 23 % VAT should be added.