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Transcription and conversion film dialogues.

Przepisywanie.pl offers an online converter – subtitle time code calculator. Time code calculator will transcribe and convert film subtitles to a format compatible with YouTube, DVD players and software players.

Conversion of subtitles upon request

Write to use if you need to convert subtitles to a format other than the ones mentioned below. Please report an error in the conversion process if it occurs and we will fix it.

Transcribed and converted subtitles and time codes:

Synchronised Accessible Media Interchange (*.smi) <SYNC Start=1000> Transcription of dialogues from recordings.
SubViewer (*.sub) SV2 00:01:00.10,00:02:00.20 Transcription of audio recordings.
SubRip (*.srt) 00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:00,334 Creating film subtitles.
MicroDVD (*.sub) frames {1000}{2000}Translation of subtitles.
GG:MM:SS.MS0 00:00:00.000 Transcription and translation of subtitles.
00000000 milliseconds Transcription.
MPL2 decimilliseconds [100][200]Transcription of recordings.

Available subtitles conversion types:

Conversion of subtitles from all the formats mentioned below to all formats mentioned below. srt to smi SAMI srt to sub srt to txt srt to MPL2 srt to MicroDVD mDVD and others txt to smi SAMI txt to sub txt to srt txt to MPL2 txt to MicroDVD mDVD and others

Conversion of ebu .stl .pac .890 subtitles is being prepared.