– recordings transcription management system. products for the Judiciary:

  1. Przepisywanie pl SERVER – Transcription of Recordings Automation (compatible with the E-Minutes System (E-Protokół system)
  2. DykTak – Specialist software for transcribers which makes work easier and significantly speeds up the transcription process!
  3. Training sessions for teams of transcribers and minute takers.

Basic system functions of Przepisywanie pl SERVER:

  • In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland and of the courts.
  • Fully compatible with the E-minutes system of recording of court proceedings (E-Protokół system).
  • Easy management of transcription of recordings in any organisation and infrastructure.
  • Compatible with every audio and video format.
  • Remote management of work of transcribers by the administrator.
  • Enables higher efficiency through automation of basic tasks like automatic file processing and online payments.

    Transcription of recordings of court hearings and trials.

  • For the needs of transcribing of court trials, the server is specially adapted to the organisation of the circulation of the court protocols and in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland and judicial procedures.
  • Enables the management of work of a group of any size of persons transcribing recordings from trails.
  • Enables supervision and settlement of payments with transcribers and minute takers in a convenient way.
  • SERVER system is compatible with specialist DykTak software delivered in package with server software.

Techincal requirements:


  • Intranet infrastructure, vpn or Internet.
  • Minimum server requirements: HP ProLiant DL120 G6 G6950 1P 2 GB-U B110i sever (or a different one, supplied by
  • Workstations equipped with Windows (for Transcribers and administrators).
  • An option: GSM gate with a SIM card (an optional module for communication between the administrator and the transcribers and minute takers)


  • Microsoft AZURE subscription.

Software distributor: “Przepisywanie pl SERVER – “Transcription of Recordings Automation” is ESAPROJEKT sp. z o.o.:


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