Transcription of musical notes for ZAIKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers), of scores, melodies and functions. offers a wide range of services linked with transcription of musical notes. Transcription of musical notes is a service guaranteeing a final product which has many applications and uses addressed to adepts of music, to professionals, but also to all those just starting their adventure with music, to those who are unable to play music by ear or who cannot write down a piece of music they have created themselves in a correct way. All you need is to record a whistled melody, send it to us and we will write down its chords and we will arrange it for any chosen set of musical instruments!

Registration of musical notes in ZAIKS

One of the officially accepted ways of declaring notes for registration in ZAIKS is presenting the piece in the form of a score. Thanks to the transcription of musical notes service we are able to offer you the possibility to get an accurate score in a proper form (melody with functions/chords). Getting a ready to use score becomes a very easy task. Send us your recording and get a score of your music.

Musical notes in digital form

Transcription of musical notes by ear can be useful, among other things, when a score is lost, unavailable or when the only available score of the piece exists as a manuscript. We can transcribe musical notes very accurately with existing musical errors or we can correct them on demand. offers transcriptions of old scores the medium of which is damaged (for example is torn, crumpled or yellowed) to a digital format: pdf, jpg, tiff.

Best quality services assures best quality of its services. Transcription of musical notes from recordings is carried out with the use of specialist software for listening to recordings in slow speed of playing, which enables us to capture every single note. We write down the notes using Finale and Sibelius software. Scores and voices can be delivered as files (MUS SIB PDF) or in different graphic formats useful for our clients: jpg tiff, gif, etc.
Examples of arranged and transcribed pieces are available in the form of samples on: all Jazz musical band / Bosky Band, al Tango musical band, Klezmer Orkester musical band, Lemonband musical band.


Every order is priced individually on the basis of the source material provided by the client.

Examples of work:

  • transcription of notes for registration in ZAIKS.
  • scores.
  • melodies with functions (chords).
  • arrangements – pop, jazz and classical arrangements.

próbka przepisanej solówki Stephanie Valentin - Djangology

sample transcription of a solo – Stephanie Valentin – Djangology

próbka przepisanej solówki Michael Fraser skrzypek All Of Me

sample transcription of a solo – Michael Fraser violin player All Of Mee

Przepisywane nuty Djangology

transcribed notes – Djangology

Writing band arrangements and orchestrations. offers different types of arrangements (compositions modifying the basic version of the musical piece, such as introducing a different set of instruments), for different clients and linked to different styles of music. We also offer rearrangements, i.e. changing the style or the character of the piece according to the needs of our clients.

We offer arrangements for:

  • bands
  • orchestras

Examples of work: (different styles of music):

Arrangements based on transcribed recordings: Del Corazon melody, Chopin: etude in E major and Mr.& Mrs. Smith:

Melodia del Corazon, Chopin

Del Corazon melody, Chopin

Melodia del Corazon, Chopin etiuda E-dur

Del Corazon melody, Chopin: etude in E major

aranż na podstawie tematu z filmu Pani i Pan Smith

Arrangement based on the theme from the film ‘Mr.& Mrs. Smith’