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Transcription of recordings + low prices!

Transcription of recordings has never been so affordable!

Transcription (automatic) using speech recognition:

0,25 PLN per page (page – 1000 characters, net prices)

Transcription of recordings (by hand): interviews, lectures, market and opinion surveys, transcriptions from borough council meetings, debates, assemblies, conferences, meetings:

From 3 PLN to 12 PLN per page. Normalised page – 1000 characters with spaces.
  • Polish language: from 0,25 PLN to 12 PLN net. Call us for valuation. 790 013 206 e-mail: poczta@Przepisywanie.pl
    Prices for transcription services differ according to the time needed to make the transcriptions ready and available for the client:
    • Affordable: 4 PLN for 1000 characters: transcriptions of recordings with a delay longer than 48 hours.
    • Fast: 6 PLN for 1000 characters: guaranteed time of transcriptions delivery – within 48 hours.
    • Express: 12 PLN for 1000 characters: guaranteed time of transcriptions delivery – within 24 hours.
    • BEST PRICE: 3 PLN for 1000 characters within 4 -7 days from the moment of receiving of the file and/or big quantities of recordings – more than 20 hours per month.
    If an order is fulfilled in less time than previously estimated the price will not change.
  • English language: 13 PLN net.
  • Low prices for transcribing can be negotiated individually.

Przepisywanie.pl offer:

  1. Transcription of audio and video recordings.

  2. Transcription of forensic recordings.

  3. Creation of film subtitles.

  4. Transcription of musical notes from recordings.

  5. Transcription of texts.

  6. Elimination of noise from recordings for the purpose of transcription.

  7. Making recordings on demand.

  8. Copying of data from analogue storage media: cassettes and microcassettes.

  9. Professional processing of recordings – mastering, mixing, cleaning.

Transcription of audio and video recordings

We offer transcription of recordings from any analogue or digital storage media. Examples of audio recordings storage media from which we transcribe: tapes, cassettes, microcassettes, discs, files, DAT, VHS, DVD, VCD, SVCD, VOB, MP3, amr, aif, au, aac, dct, dss, dvf, flac, msv, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpga, ogg, ra, ram, rm, sri, vox, wma, wav , wma, wav, ogg, mpc, eac and others.

Transcription of forensic recordings.

Transcription of recordings of court hearings. Transcription: of tappings, witness testimonies, telephone conversations, creating subtitles for recordings. Prices are negotiated individually.

Transcription of film subtitles.

Transcription of film subtitles. Synchronising subtitles with films and audio recordings. Converting subtitles format online.

Transcription of musical notes from listening.

Transcription of musical notes from recordings from listening. Solos, voices, orchestrations, scores. Transcription of melodies and chords from listening. Writing down scores and voices. Any composition and musical style. In the section Transcription of musical notes you will find examples of recordings and transcribed musical notes. We also offer classical, jazz and pop arrangements.

Transcription of texts.

Transcription of academic papers, books, manuscripts. In the transcription of texts section you can find examples of works.

Elimination of noise from recordings for the purpose of transcription.

Most audio and video recordings need preliminary sound processing before transcribing them in order to make the transcriptions accurate. In standard transcription process, sound processing and copying is included in the price. Converting, copying, mastering of different audio and video formats: DVD, DVD-audio, VOB, CD-Audio, SVCD, VCD, MD, MP3, wmv, wma, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, SVHS, VHS, magnetic audio cassettes, analogue and many more. Digital processing of recordings includes: eliminating / cleaning of noise and crackling, equalising sound levels of the recording (mastering), montage. Przepisywanie offer

Making recordings on demand.

We offer recording of conferences, meetings, interviews, conversations, IDI, FGI. Recording of sound for transcribing requires a right sound quality + in particular in case of transcribing of recordings using automatic speech recognition. We give you the possibility to hire recorders and we provide recording services. We provide you with professional advice concerning the choice of sound and image recording equipment and we adapt premises in order to obtain the best quality of sound.

Professional processing of recordings – mastering, mixing, cleaning.

  • Copying magnetic audio cassettes, reels, vinyl fecords to digital formats, audio CDs.
  • Upgrading the quality of recordings – cleaning (elimination of noise, crackling, clipping, etc.)
  • Editing (cutting, pasting, montage, etc.)
  • Mastering (normalising, compression, correction, timbre, space, reverberation, etc.)
  • Copying and convertion of digital and analogue recordings