Transcription of text, we offer:

  • Transcription of text for diploma papers.
  • Transcription of books – to digital form.
  • Transcription of all sorts of printouts.
  • Transcription of manuscripts.
  • Transcription of text of archives.
  • Entering data into databases. guarantees that by thanks to its text transcription services, the clients will be able to save a lot of time and will receive an aesthetic and useful end product.

Transcription of text for diploma papers.

Persons writing their diploma papers often need to provide citations from different source materials (such as notes, draft papers, handwritten documents). Transcription of text from these materials to digital form makes it possible to save time and energy, which can then be used for carrying out research and to compile findings for the purpose of the diploma paper. offers the possibility to change the form of research materials into a more suitable one, in a manner convenient for the client and for a very attractive price.

Another very important aspect of writing diploma papers is that it is often necessary to present transcripts of text from recordings of interviews carried out for the purpose of research, particularly, but not only, in the case of quantitative studies. Obtaining transcription of interview recordings without specialist equipment and software is incredibly time-consuming. This is no longer a problem thanks to the service offered by We can provide high quality and accuracy transcriptions of interviews in a short time.

Transcription of books – to digital form.

The service of transcribing books to digital form offered by can have many uses and applications. Rare and not easily accessible old books which are also often damaged can be given a second chance at life through transcription to a new, easy to use, digital form. Books in digital form can be very useful when we need to quote long fragments of text directly, e. g. for the needs of translation or research. It makes it also possible to archive a considerable number of books using minimum space and to manage limited space in a better, more convenient way.

Transcription of all sorts of printouts.

In most cases, time affects the quality of printouts in a negative manner. offers a service which makes it possible to keep information from carriers whose quality has deteriorated and is no longer satisfactory (e. g. faded, yellowed, crumpled or torn paper). Good examples of printouts appropriate for transcription in this case are faded archives inventories or bad quality photocopies.

Transcription of manuscripts.

We offer a service of transcribing different types of manuscripts (such as diaries, notes from classes and lectures, scrap paper) to text form that is convenient for the user and enables optimum space management.

Entering data into databases.

Entering data into databases by hand is a time-consuming and monotonous task. The team offers a remarkable service to all clients who know the real value of updated databases containing complete information. We use our own specialist software for the needs of this service.
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Example of a transcription of a manuscript page:

Example of a transcription of a manuscript page

Example of a transcription of a manuscript page:

Examples of transcription of text.