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File upload through Przepisywanie.pl website:

How to upload an audio/video file to przepisywanie after having logged in (without a mobile phone):

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Client account activation in Przepisywanie.pl

Before the full activation of the account the client may upload files to przepisywanie by means of a special form (encrypted connection). The account will be fully activated after the client gets in contact with Przepisywanie.pl via telephone or email. Arter the full activation of the account, the client is granted access to przepisywanie panel, which will make it possible to (among other things):
  • Upload files with recordings to przepisywanie (encrypted connection).
  • Monitor progress of transcribing files and download of the transcriptions of these files from the panel.
  • Modify data.
  • Access the client’s invoices and settlements.
  • Search for processed files and create statistics.
sending recorded files from mobile phone

Fast file upload from Your mobile phone application:

Information about recording and sending audio files from mobile phone application available soon!.

How to upload a file to Przepisywanie.pl without logging in (with a mobile phone):

Przepisywanie.pl client account activation

The client account activation is fully automatic. The client panel is encrypted with the strongest encrypting algorithm and therefore file upload from a client to Przepisywanie.pl and download of processed files is fully secure. The Przepisywanie.pl client panel enables:
  • Upload of files with recordings to Przepisywanie.pl (encrypted connection).
  • Monitoring of progress of creating transcripts from files and download of the transcripts of these files from the panel.
  • Data modification.
  • Access to the client’s invoices and settlements.
  • Search for processed files.
  • Access to statistics of the processed files.